Regenerative Farming Ireland was established to support the farming community to develop and employ the ideas and principles of regenerative agriculture. Its role is to help its membership develop their farming systems, the products coming from those farms, their routes to markets and their capacity to communicate with the consumer. As a group it is open to farmers, growers and gardeners, they can be commercial farmers or smallholders, those who have community gardens or allotments, or folk who grow their own. And even growing is not a requisite, just being interested is. Hence, regardless of your walk of life, we are open to all.

The Regenerative Farming Ireland blog is available to members who wish to publish an article or paper that merits more than a discussion group post. As such it will be less transitory. Of course, the views expressed within those blog posts are and will be those of the individual author alone and not those of Regenerative Farming Ireland. Similarly, the intellectual property rights pertaining to any blog post are retained by the author.

Regenerative agriculture is about working with Nature’s natural cycles to produce food without depleting the land’s natural resources. The title of the Blog, from farm to fork to farmer, reflects this as agriculture can only be regenerative if there is a functioning information cycle between the farmer and the consumer. It is a cycle that must include all those who lie in between.