How often are new grant or credit schemes to support rural and or rural development established with the expectation that the targeted recipients will come forth with ideas and solutions? Too often it is assumed that project proposals will emanate from individuals or groups purely supported by the time, energy and finances of those involved. Sometimes they do not have such. Sometimes they also do not have the professional knowledge to allow them to identify the solutions and sometimes they have the concepts but not the skills to formulate ideas into project concepts. And sometimes the missing link is the ability to formulate concise and logical presentations of their project proposal. These are all initial, project formulation activities that Stuart can help you with.


Over the years Stuart has prepared numerous project papers; be they concept papers, detailed operational plans or evaluation reports. He has been using Microsoft Word since its earliest days and uses PowerPoint to prepare visual presentations and quick and simple to read, colourful pdf documents. He has a comprehensive knowledge of Excel and has used and programmed spreadsheets for 30 years. As a business management / economics specialist, cash-flow preparation is a normal activity. As is data collection, analysis and presentation. All these skills are available to support the project development work of others. Please just ask.


For most of the first decade of the 21st Century, Stuart stepped back from advising, consulting and training. Instead he took the lead in implementing a significant farming and food processing investment / rural development project in Transylvania. Although he has now returned to more ‘paper-based’ activities, he would not rule out again managing the implementation of projects. He does not envisage a return to life permanently on the road, so such activity would most likely be limited to projects local to home in Ireland. Where projects can overlap with his personal interests and activities, he would be pleased to discuss the possibilities further.

For further information on accessing any of the above skills, please contact Stuart