Stuart has been writing articles for various publications over the years. As a former University of London academic he understands the rigours required to ensure that what he rights is accurate and founded upon research. He now also brings to his writing 30 years of experience in the farming and food sectors in the United Kingdom, the European Union and further afield. He has been publishing his own blog for several years. It acts as a platform to disseminate his ideas and an archive for those articles published elsewhere.  Stuart is happy to discuss writing specific commissioned articles for those who edit farming, food and rural-sector publications.


Stuart wrote regularly for the leading English language publication while living and working in Romania. He now does so for That’s Farming in Ireland. He has recently started contributing to the Agriculture and Rural Convention, a pan-EU discussion forum. He is continuously following the evolution of food and farming and takes time to analyse and evaluate what is going on. It is his analytical training and capabilities that allow him to write incisively about developments as they happen. He always seeks to maintain an independent, unbiased perspective and prefers to ‘call it as he sees it’. It is a position that allows him to write with authority. If you wish him to contribute to your own publication, please contact him.


Stuart first started writing seriously when he published papers as a university academic. It allowed him to develop his written skills in a demanding environment. Professionally, as an international advisor and consultant, he was frequently the only native English speaker within a multi-national team charged with reporting in English. Therefore, he has acquired extensive experience in the organisation, presentation, writing and editing of reports, papers and, occasionally, book chapters. He has also taught at university and trained academics and advisors and, hence, has significant experience of the preparation of teaching materials and training manuals. Please contact Stuart if you need his support in the writing and editing of any of the above.

For further information on accessing any of the above skills, please contact Stuart